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Distributors of Quality Packaging Components to the Marketplace for over 100 Years
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About Cleveland Bottle

Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. is a full service distributor of packaging components to the marketplace. We pride ourselves in providing up-to-the-minute information on package technology as well as current safety and shipping procedures. FULL SERVICE DECORATING - We have high speed automatic as well as semi automatic silk screen machines in our decorating dept. Cleveland Bottle has been serving the market place for over a century. With our experienced, helpful representatives and full attention to the needs of our customers, Cleveland Bottle promises first class service to you.

All Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. products are available online

Plastic  Glass
Easy to find and easy to label glass bottles and plastic bottles for almost every need. If you can't find it we will!
Plastic  Glass
Our glass jars and plastic jars make your product stand out. Cosmetics, home storage, health and beauty, and many more applications!
We have a wide variety of metal cans to fit your requirements. Many colors, sizes and designs. A world of creative possibilities!
Plastic  Metal     
Your container isn't finished until it's sealed with an appropriate plastic cap, metal cap, or closure. Sprayers and pumps are also available for your application.
Plastic  Metal
Need to package a large amount? Our plastic pails and metal pails come in many colors, sizes, and designs, with and without handles.
Plastic  Metal    Fibre
We have a great selection of metal drums and plastic drums in many sizes and designs for industrial uses, hazardous shipping & bulk applications!
Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. provides not only plastic bottles, plastic jars, glass bottles, glass jars, metal cans, plastic closures, metal closures, plastic pails, metal pails, metal drums and plastic drums but also supplies and applies labels to these containers, including custom self adhesive paper, metallic, and printed silk screened bottles. All material on this site is believed to be accurate and is offered solely for the information, consideration and verification of our customers. Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. shall not be liable for any representations construed by any party to be incomplete or otherwise misleading.