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Item Number

Spice Oblong PET Jar

Size: 32 oz
Color: Clear
Neck Finish: 63-485
Case Pack: 204
Case Weight (lbs): 28.00

Dimensions (inches)
Width: 3.7
Height: 7.8

Label Panel (inches)
Usable Height: 6.5
Usable Width: 3.1

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Date: May 22, 2015

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Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co.™ has the spice jars that will store any of your special spice products. We carry these in small 3.5 ounce sizes up to a 32 ounce oblong for large quantities, and all are very attractive containers. You will also see we carry these in clear, natural and white. One way to make your spice jars distinctive is to code them by cap / closure color. We carry caps in natural, white, black, red, green and yellow. If these don't fit your color need we have access to many more in special order quantities. And, to finish it off pick a label that makes this uniquely yours. Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co.™ can help you with various sizes, colors, formats and in small quantities. Try out our Design Tool, which makes this process easy!

Important Information
It is the customer’s responsibility to check and test the compatibility of the product with the container and closure. Cleveland Bottle™ assumes no responsibility for product and container / closure compatibility. Caps and closure options presented will fit the container selected, however, are not necessarily recommended.